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How to Use the Biology Workbench Student Interface
Adapted from Kristian Engelsen, NCSA & Ryan Kimble, Beloit College, 2002
Updated by Johnny Tenegra, 2006

Part I: Overview

> What is the Biology Workbench, and what can it do for me?
> Preparing to Enter the Biology Workbench

    Account Set-up
    Suggested Web Browser
    Structure Viewing

> Entering the Biology Workbench
> Overview of Tools

> Ndjinn Multiple Database Search

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Part II: Getting into it

Constructing a Query

    Part I: Selecting Databases
    Part II: Database Fields
    Part III: Boolean Operators

Practice Contstructing Queries

    Part I: The Beginning
    Part II: Narrowing Your Search
    Part III: More Advanced Searches

Importing Sequences to the Biology Workbench

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