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Moodle System

For those of you interested in Bioinformatics research, Moodle system provides you a great enviroment for online bioinformatic related courses. It also has a large community for discussions. It also combines SIB system so that you can log in your SIB account at just one clip.

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SIB (Student Interface to Biology Workbench)

For those of you beginning in Bioinformatics research, the Student Interface for the Biology Workbench is appropriate for use. This system set up at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign features a streamlined set of options for students.

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Use the tools of the Biology Student Workbench and visualization tools found in the internet to learn more about Bioinformatics and computational biology. Learn more about the dynamics of the Biology Workbench through tutorials and use the Biology Workbench and other visualization tools solve real-life issues and problems through laboratories.

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Confused about a term on Bioinformatics? Need it to complete one of the lessons on the page? Check out our specialized Wikipedia for a definition to commonly used terms in Bioinformatics.

MSSW Wiki is still in development.

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Links & Tools for Students

Do you need tools to explore the visual aspects of computational biology? Do you need more information as to how the world of Bioinformatics works? This page will contain a growing number of links to external websites that will have this information.

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