Bioinformatics/Computational Biology
Reports, Lectures, Essays

Lecture on Molecular Evolution
A great introductory text about life from the beginning, and how molecular biology can and is revealing new secrets. By David Nelson, U of Tennessee - Memphis)

About Bioinformatics
A great text about the beginnings of bioinformatics.

Modeling of Biological Systems
This workshop report, from the National Science Foundation, touches biological modeling on a much broader level, dealing with ecology, evolution, and organismal biology, but also molecular and cellular biology.

NCBI Education
A portion of the NCBI site of special interest to educators and students.

Computing for Molecular Biology
Lloyd Allison, Monash University. A good explanation of the theory behind computational molecular analysis, even gives a non-technical introduction. Provides some codes for sequence alignment.

A great resource!! Michael Zucker, Washington University. If you ever wondered just how computational molecular biology was done, this series of lectures will introduce you to the various schools of thought.

Elementary Sequence Analysis
A fantastic starting point!! Brian Golding, McMaster University. This is a great resource for anyone just starting off in computational biology. It begins with an introduction to computer science, basically, and discusses the different sequence databases and how to search them. Sequence selection, alignment, distance matrices, phylogenies, pattern analysis. It's all here!

BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook
Georg Fuellen, University of Bielefeld. Another excellent introductory set of comp bio lectures.

Comparing Genomes in Terms of Protein Structure
Mark Gerstein & Hedi Hegyi, Yale University

Bioinformatics Resources
Stanford University. Links to agencies, societies, archives, centers, databases, conferences, courses, genome centers, genome databases, and protein structure servers.

Comp Bio references
U. of California, Santa Cruz. Links to UCSC resources, a protein-prediction contest, conferences and journals, online courses and texts, and many other miscellaneous, unclassified pages.

Comp Bio Courses
Hongping Liang, Radford University. Computational biology courses, genome analysis, promoter and regulatory elements, gene finding tool, algorithm for sequence analysis, molecular modeling, biological databases and software, bioinformatics resources.

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis
Technical University of Denmark. A huge number of links to databases, protein structure predictions, sequence and structural similarity searchers, alignment and phylogeny tools, universities, journals, newsgroups.

Bioinformatics Course Information
UK HGMP Resource Centre

The Biology Project
U. of Arizona. An excellent and fun look at biology as a whole. "Lectures", activities, quizzes, and much, much more!

SMETE Digital Library
Gateway to a comprehensive collection of science, math, engineering and technology (SMET) education content and services to learners, educators, and academic policy-makers.

National Science Digital Library
Program to build a digital library for education in science, mathematics, engineering and technology, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Undergraduate Education.

A lot of resources related to all sciences, not strictly to biology. Links to courses, labs, papers, special features, you name it. Really take a long look!

The Tree of Life
A collaborative web project, produced by biologists from around the world. On more than 2000 World Wide Web pages, the Tree of Life provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. Each page contains information about one group of organisms.

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