Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Tools

The BioCyc Knowledge Library is a collection of Pathway/Genome Databases. Each database in the BioCyc collection describes the genome and metabolic pathways of a single organism, with the exception of the MetaCyc database, which is a reference source on metabolic pathways from many organisms.

Biology Workbench
A web-integrated access portal to numerous databases and analysis tools

Centre of Bioinformatics at Peking University
Bioinformatics Resources and Services

A server for identification of conserved regions in proteins by surface mapping of phylogenetic information.

Human Genome Project information
A large suite of web sites provided by the U.S. Department of Energy with information and resources on the Human Genome Project from research, medical, ethical, and educational perspectives. Includes primers on the Human Genome Project.

Molecular Visualization Freeware
Eric Martz, U. Massachusetts -Amherst

National Center for Biotechnology Information
NCBI creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information to researchers and the public.

Protein Explorer
A protein visualization tool, useful in conjunction with several Biology Workbench applications. Protein Explorer is a RasMol-like interface implemented in Chime, but the Protein Explorer can offer much greater assistance and automation. Thus, the Protein Explorer can make visual exploration of protein structure much more accessible to novices, occasional users, or nonspecialists, as well as making it much more convenient than RasMol, even for experts. See in particular Lesson Plans for Molecular Visualization and DNA Structure: An Interactive Animated Nonlinear Tutorial for Protein Explorer educational materials.

UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
Bioinformatics Resources and Services

Bioinformatics Links Directory
The Bioinformatics Links Directory features curated links to molecular resources, tools and databases.

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