1. How do I start authoring a lesson?

Use your MSSW moodle account to log in the system. If you don't have the account, you can follow the instruction and create a new account by yourself (http://www.bsw-uiuc.net/moodle/login/index.php). After entering the system, you can start create your own lesson by clicking "add a new lesson".

2. What are the differences between a primary author and a co-author?

A primary author is the person who creates a new lesson. A primary author can edit the co-author/veiwer list so that authorized co-authors/veiwers can edit/view the lesson under development. After the lesson is finalized, the primary author on behalf of all authors submits it to the reviewer committee.

3. Co-authoring enviroment

A page can not by edited by more than one persons at the same time. Once a person starts to edit a page, another person won't be able to modify the same page. Furthermoe, if a page is held by a person for more than 4 hours, we assume there is a network connection failure and the page will be released. Thus, please save your drafts all the times.

4. What if I only have a PDF file?

You can either embed the pdf file in the lesson or use PDF2DOC tool provided in the tab to convert PDF file to word document. For the first choice, you can see the detailed instructions in Authoring Toolkit section. About the second one, after you have the word document file, you can copy and paste the contents into our html editor.

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