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About Curricular Materials

This portion of the site houses a growing collection of educational materials which use the Biology Workbench bioinformatics tool suite. The materials include inquiry-based "laboratory units" which use the Workbench to explore particular biological subject content, as well as "tool-usage tutorials" intended primarily to familiarize the user with paticular tools.

We encourage teachers and students to use, adapt, and modify these resources for their classroom or personal use! We also especially encourage those who use these resources or develop their own materials to share their materials, experiences, and ideas with the MSSW project. An ideal place to share your MSSW resources and ideas is the Inquiry Page. If you have written materials which use the Biology Workbench that you would like to share, be sure to let us know so we can post and/or link to them!

One note for new users: because bioinformatics is an evolving science, as new data come into online databases and tools are improved, the results of tutorial exercises may be somewhat different from the expectations of some tutorials, even though the principle to be illustrated remains valid. If this happens, do not panic, but do send us an email describing any significant discrepancy.

Are you new to the Molecular Science Student Workbench? Play around with these provided tutorials to learn the basics of the interface and ways to utilize this online tool. Explore the uses of the tools provided by the Molecular Science Student Workbench by performing these laboratory activities that involve both wet lab and dry lab activities.

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