ACD ChemSketch Installation Instructions & Structure Drawing Applet

Please install ChemSketch 10.0 Freeware in your personal computer. You can follow the instructrion below to install the program. We also provide you the structure drawing applet. You can get familiar how to construct a structure by the similar environment. However, you still need to have ChemSketch 10.0 installed to operate the 3Dviwer component.

ACD ChemSketch Installation Instructions

1. Dowdload the software from Here. Follow the instructions on this page, register a account in ACD/Labs to download this freeware. Save the program on desktop.

2. Double-click the program, Run the program.

3.You will see the "Welcome to the ACD/Labs Software Web Setup Wizard". Press "Next" to preceed the installation.

4. Please read the End-User License Agreement and accept it. Then press "Next" to preceed the installation.

5. Please choose all the components if possible. Then press "Next" to preceed the installation.

6. Please choose the folder you want it to be installed. Then press "Next" to preceed the installation. They you are ready to start Installation. Press "Install".

7. The installation is complete. You can go to "Start" menu to open this software.

ACD Structure Drawing Applet 1.30

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